Areas of practice

Commercial and corporate Law

The commercial team excels in terms of advising on matters related to commercial contracts, company transactions and mergers and acquisitions of companies (M&A) and in terms of the ongoing daily advice that it provides on corporate matters.

This continued advice enables us to acquire greater knowledge of each business and sector of activity, which means that we can provide legal advice geared towards meeting the strategic targets of our clients.

Our professionals occupy various positions on Boards of Directors of leading companies from their sector.

Litigation and arbitration

Our commercial and civil procedural law team has been involved in a plethora of legal and arbitration proceedings of national importance in diverse fields ranging from the construction sector, property law, franchise, agency and distribution contracts, consumer and user matters, the banking sector and stock market, claims for non-payment, recoveries and breaches of contract, to name but a few.

We provide advice and legal representation for disputes between companies and individuals, both in civil and commercial proceedings. The advice of the team of professionals of Scire Law is provided in a preventive capacity with a view to avoiding legal disputes, or in a bid to put our clients in an advantageous position in the event of a dispute.

In terms of arbitration, we provide our clients with advice on complex issues before national and international Arbitration Courts and ad hoc arbitration tribunals. We also advise individuals and companies in alternative dispute settlement methods such as mediation, in an effort to reach agreements in favour of our clients.

Bankruptcy Law

We boast a team of professionals with a proven track record in the field of bankruptcy law, both in defence of the interests of bankrupt companies and in defence of the creditors involved in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Our professionals have been involved in an array of bankruptcy proceedings of national importance relating to companies of varying sectors of activity, by offering solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

Economic Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance

Our professionals specialise in the coordination of the criminal defence of natural and legal persons charged with allegedly committing offences against companies and individuals, the Tax Authority and/or Social Security.

At Scire Law we also offer legal advice in matters of corporate compliance by applying a multi-disciplinary strategy, to overcome the challenges faced by organisations and propose an efficient response for our clients. For this purpose, we devise and help to implement and monitor customised and efficient compliance programs.

Tax and Fiscal Law

Our professionals have acquired vast experience in the practice of tax and fiscal law; they excel in providing ongoing advice to national and international companies and in the tax planning of individuals, companies and groups of companies.

We participate intensely in the management and filing of taxes and in the creation of tax efficient corporate structures. We defend the interests of our clients during tax audits and in terms of administrative and contentious administrative appeals in tax matters.

In light of our professional connection with the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises and family businesses, we specialise in the tax planning of generational succession processes of companies.

Labour and Social Security Law

Our professionals have a proven track record in the field of labour and social security law; their particular expertise and vast experience focus on providing advice to companies and natural persons both as part of a legal proceeding and in the ongoing daily advice.

Public Law

We work alongside professionals and academics of a recognised national and international standing who provide consultancy and dispute advice services, both to public sector entities and private clients in the various fields of Constitutional and Administrative Law.